The Water Treatment Unit (WTU) is the most compact and efficient solution for the treatment of wastewater both offshore and onshore. The WTU employs dissolved air flotation in combination with ceramic membranes to process complex industrial wastewaters.

The WTU is built on a frame for indoor installation or into a 5’ container to operate outdoor, offshore or onshore.

The WTU is mainly used to remove liquid hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds, hydrophobic substances and solids from wastewater, produced water and slops.

Key features

  • The WTU will reduce the oil in water to less than 1 ppm in the case of slop water from oil-based mud (OBM) drilling;
  • The WTU will separate the heavy metals, dissolved and suspended, from the wastewater – the degree of separation depending on the chemicals dosage.
  • The WTU will separate more than 99% of the Suspended Solids;
  • The WTU will reduce the turbidity to less than 10 NTU* depending on the chemicals dosage.
  • *Nephelometric Turbidity Unit


  • Produced water
  • Flowback fluids
  • Slops
  • Completion fluids
  • Industrial wastewaters
  • Closed drain and wash water separation by means of decanter centrifuge