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Zero waste –
industry by industry

How we work

Our main focus is to reduce the environmental footprints of industrial and municipal waste using new and efficient treatment processes for CO2 reduction. We are pioneering technologies for the circular economy – while working everyday towards our vision “Zero waste – industry by industry”.

Sustainable management

Our most abundant natural resource and the most badly managed, water is the lifeblood of business, society and our economy. Norwegian Technology AS is where the sustainable management of the water resources becomes a living imperative shaping business and public policy.


Our ESG goals are selected based on the industries in which we operate and the products we produce, develop and deliver. We ensure that energy is renewed, helping businesses become more profitable. By drastically reducing emissions, we accelerate the green transition.

What we do

Green technology
and cost savings for a cleaner and better future.

ESG measures and impact


Drilling rigs

Waste water, Slop and Drill cuttings treatment to allow for reuse and stop transport or reinjection into disposal wells.

Slop Treatment

More than 95% reduction in drilling slop sent to shore or reinjected into disposal well.


Produced Water

Stopping transport or reinjection into disposal wells. Increased oil production.

Produced Water Treatment

Technology to be installed on Ekkofisk and Eldfisk for Conoco Phillips.


Refinery Waste

On site treatment crude oil sludge. Hazurdus waste oil are becoming products at the refinery.

Crude oil sludge treatment

Commercial projects with Eqionor, Socar and Hess.


Industrial Waste

Solution provider, rental or Equipment & Chemistry sales

Environmental Cleanup

Equipment, Chemical and People

Safety integrated
into all operations

Safety is integrated into all operations and safety procedures regulate most activities. In the case of activities with a high risk of injury to personell or the environment a risk accessment is carried out. Annual audits are conducted to maintain the most suitable level of quality and environmental performance.

We are commited to

  • Preventing accidents, damage or loss to personnel or the environment.
  • Adhering to applicable laws and regulations and public expectations.
  • Satisfying customer requirements and expectations.


The entire organization is certified according to the standards ISO 9001:2015 (quality) and ISO 14001:2015 (external environment). This means that we have an active management system where we are obliged to comply with specific requirements given in these standards. The main principle is that we as a company must have quality control of our products and services, engage in continuous improvement work and that we must manage our behavior in and stress on our surroundings (external environment).

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Regions where Norwegian Technology AS products are qualified for field application.

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