Norwegian Technology AS has been participating in a project at Mongstad together with Norsk Gjenvinning AS. The customer – Equinor Mongstad Refinery – introduced new exacting regulations. Oil from the sludge can no longer be sent away for disposal (it is ”red listed” by the Directorate for Nature Management) meaning that the oil has to be used at the refinery.


New Equinor Mongstad Refinery requirements in 2020: The oil cannot contain more than 1% water and particles – to prevent steam explosions. Without MUD Split chemicals it was not possible for Norsk Gjenvinning AS using heater, decanter and disc stack sentrifuge to attain less than 40% at best case.


By adding Mud Split before the heater they managed less than 0.3% water in the oil.


Technology set-up:
Mixers for homogenisation in storage tanks, mixing-tank with heater dosing of chemical, decanter (for separation of solids), Disc stack centrifuge (separation of oil from water).


Volume treated in one batch: 17 000 bbl
Dosing of MUD Split: 0,08 litre/bbl


After dosing and centrifuge the sludge separated into:


– Dry solids separated: 1 700 bbl

– Crude oil to the refinery: 5 100 bbl

– Water to the treatment facility: 10 200 bbl


Value of the oil: 280 000 USD (oil price December 2020)

“Estimated cost of delivery of the 17 000 bbl as hazardous waste in Norway: 95 USD/bbl total 1 600 000 USD”